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Max Stirner Contra Humanism and Nationalism

A favourite excerpt of mine from my favourite philosophical tome, The Ego and Its Own. Kinda supports my observation of nationalism and the ilk being humanism writ small (and, conversely, humanism being an expanded nationalism, both assuming an intrinsic worth … Continue reading

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Dora Marsden on Race and the Individual

Excerpt from ‘Against Words – Against Thoughts’, part of the compilation Dora Marsden: The Freewoman and the Egoist Volume One. Seeing as many old-time writers used “(the) race” as a synonym for “species”, much like “the human race” is used … Continue reading

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“They’re Inhuman and Don’t Need to be Loved…”

As if Morrissey’s PC track record wasn’t sketchy enough, the fucker only goes and arouses the ire of right-on folk everywhere with this charming statement: Did you see the thing on the news about their treatment of animals and animal … Continue reading

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