MRDAing My Medusa: Pushing Past Perfectionist Petrification


Regular readers of this blog (all five of you) will have noticed that there’s been fuck-all activity chez MRDA for the past month or three. Part of that comes from being wrapped up in entanglements elsewhere, of both the fun and not-so-fun kind; some of them even managed to straddle both camps. Another inhibiting factor has been a certain ennui in regard to the current of events flowing through the newsfeeds. There’s only so much one can sit and opine about one encroachment of civil liberties after another, and things seemed to be getting kinda monomaniacal in this here hellish abode.

Yet another inhibiting factor? The same one which, during a decent spell, keeps my Infernal input at about a dozen posts a year; in the words of someone unnear-but-dear to me, “perfectionism can be paralytic”. As such, I found myself passing up many an opportunity to opine, even within the somewhat narrow scope of this blog, lest I choose the “wrong” words, arguments, sources, moment, to express the thoughts running through my brainfield.

Paradoxically, I’ve come to think of my will-to-perfectionism as a massive, crippling flaw, holding me back from many an advancement.

Thus, in an attempt to rectify the flaw, I’m gonna make a point of posting here more frequently – on a wider range of topics. As well as the usual MRDA take on current (and not-so-current) events in the sociopolitical sphere, I’ll make a point of throwing some more philosophical, personal, and pensive pieces into the mix to keep things from ossifying into the one-track. Hell, I’ll toss in a few long-overdue reviews here ‘n’ there…and maybe even garnish things off with a few creative conniptions of my own.

In other words, for those of you who’ve been reading my ramblings from the ol’ LJ days, the Infernal renaissance will combine the scope and (hopefully) frequency of the Conniption era (minus the lapses into emo bullshit) with the high scribing standards of the current WordPress/Inferno era…though dialled down a notch to avoid perfectionist petrification.

Time for me to gore the Gorgon and bring Hell out of hibernation.


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